'IRON MONKEY' is a apart of a larger feminist project called WOMAN UP. It is written by Madelayne Hayek, in collaboration with hungarian punk band 'Who Sows Violence Reaps Storm'. It is a song speaks to the process of healing after sexual assault, and to the anger many survivors feel when they realize what they have been through. The song is cathartic and angry, and express an uncomfortable but necessary part of healing.


released July 14, 2017




Who Sows Violence Reaps Storm Szombathely, Hungary

Börzsi - dob
Vini - gitár
Bandi - gitár
Maci - basszus
Harald - ének


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Track Name: Iron Monkey
Sewn into the belly
Knife to my hearth
This is no child of mine
The poison that I birth

Iron monkey
Screaming in chains
You think you can collect me
But I'm no one's to own

10 000 pieces
what I have left
They all come crawling back
All I want is death

Give me what you took from me
My innocence
Power in my bones
Your hands are leaving stains on my soul
Clean up your sticky mess
You bastard devil

It's not just my head
That's bent
What have you done
what you done